Choosing a Powerful Framing

There are endless possibilties, too many for me to list. I’ll list a few anyway!

The idea is to look at a situation, bring awarenes to what your current framing might be, and then decide to reframe it for yourself. Try on the new framing, and practice seeing things in this way for awhile, and see what results you get. There is no right answer.

Pick a situation that seems particularly challenging: maybe you have not been eating healthily, or feel bad about yourself, or are frustrated with someone, or feel like you’re avoiding hard tasks, or have a hard time with a family member who is suffering through health problems.

Take that one situation, and examine your view. What framing might cause the reaction you’re having? You don’t have to get it exactly right, but take a shot.

Are you committed to that framing? Would you be open to letting it go and trying on something new?

Here are a few possibilities among the limitless number … a situation or task or person might be:

  • An opportunity for play, adventure, exploration, learning.
  • An opportunity for curiosity.
  • An opportunity for compassion and love.
  • A way to express your gift, your true self, to sing your song.
  • A way to connect with someone.
  • An opportunity for wonder, gratitude, appreciation, awe.
  • A way to practice mindfulness, being present to your life.
  • A chance to surrender, trust, relax with life.
  • A place to practice letting down your defenses.
  • An opportunity to deepen, to contemplate, to find solitude and silence.
  • An exhilarating experience of freedom and openness.
  • A place of spaciousness.
  • A chance to savor, find the deliciousness, find the delight.
  • A place to choose.
  • A way to experiment, try something new.
  • A way to meet your needs, to own what you want, to set boundaries with love.
  • An opportunity to lead, to serve.
  • A way to express your purpose.
  • An expression of your power.

These are a few of my favorite. I try them on all the time.

What would you like to choose? Could you try it on for awhile, and see what emerges?

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